The round tower seen here on the summit of Garreg Hill, Whitford and overlooking the Dee Estuary dates from the late 19th century and is a tribute by the 3rd Baron Mostyn to Queen Victoria in commemoration of her Diamond Jubilee.

It is a replicated construction of a tower which was believed to have been based on the site during the Roman Occupation and thought to have served as a Pharos (a lighthouse) to guide Roman mariners via the estuary of the Dee to their legionary settlement and headquarters at Deva Victrix some 20+ miles up-river which eventually evolved into what was to become Chester, the County town of Cheshire.

In the 17th Century, it is thought that a watchtower occupied the site enabling a vigilant guard to be maintained over the Dee Estuary from marauding pirates and smugglers.

These two possibilities await the support of evidential confirmation.

Info courtesy Rob Richardson

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